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At the moment the stock market is extremely inaccessible to the average person caused by its unpredictability. Large companies, such as banks and investment firms, use extremely expensive and comprehensive algorithms to predict the future course. Amateurs and smaller traders have no access to such predictions and have to try to predict the shares themselves using trend lines or the news.

With our prediction algorithm we help these groups of people. Our prediction algorithm takes data from the past 80 days and makes a prediction of the share on this basis. The user sees the price of the share and the forecast, ie whether the value of the share will go down or rise. In our mobile applications, which are available for iOS and Android, these predictions can be followed live.



See quickly what the price of that one share was four years ago and how it has changed since then. Also nice if you want to show off at parties ;)

Look ahead

Look in the future with the prediction function. Will the share go down or up? stoq knows!

Search them all

You can easily search through all the shares. That's useful, since you can view more than 1000 shares in our app!

Keep track of everything

Easily add shares to your portfolio. This allows you to view your favorite shares very quickly, every time!

Stay informed

You can view the news for a specific share directly from the app!